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Presentations (8th Annual ELITE PED-GI Congress)

Clinical & Laboratory Characterization of Facal Covid-19 in Children on Hospital Admission - Dr. Amer Masaud Abdullah Azaz, UAE

Childhood Obesity in UAE - Dr. Nadeem Abdullah, UAE

Pediatric Surgical GI Conditions: How Not to Miss Them? - Prof. Iftikhar Ahmad Jan Suleman, UAE

The use of endoscopy in children with GI Symptoms - Dr. Rana Ahmad Bitar, UAE

Familial Mediterranean Fever - Dr. Jihad Almistarihi, UAE

Paediatric GI Emergencies Foreign Body Ingestion - Dr. Balaji Krishnamurthy, UAE

SKMC Aerodigestive Clinic - Multidisciplinary Team

Aero-Digestive MDT - Role of the ENT Surgeon - How we do it

Complementary Feeding: UAE Experience - Dr. Messef Al Abdulrazzak, UAE

Approach to a Jaundiced Child - Dr. Rajeev Tomar, UAE

Neonatal Liver Failure Case Study - Dr. Eman M AlAtrash

Fecal Encopresis in a Syrian Pediatric Population, 10 years Experience - Mahmoud Bozo

Epidemiology and Outcome of Biliary Atresia in Saudi Arabia A Multicenter National Study (2000-2018)

Interpretation of LFT: Case Based Approach - Dr. Naresh Shanmugam

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